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Boogie Cocktail (Audio CD)

Audio CD Cover: Boogie Cocktail

Boogie Cocktail

Chris & Mike, Chris, Mike

Veröffentlichungsdatum: 30.08.2001

Typ: Audio CD

Anzahl Tonträger: 1

Anzahl Songs: 14

Label: Tyrolis

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1. Your first impression
2. 3-T-Shuffle
3. Win a pin
4. Someway Easy
5. No Longtime Lover
6. Tea of coffe rag
7. Driving south
8. Tuttifrutti boogie
9. Pizza Mood
10. Baby, Baby, Baby
11. Goin' party!
12. For-Händ-Bugi
13. Studio Highlights And Engineering Rules (Bonus Track)
14. Babe, Dig-It Baby (Bonus Track)