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Big Band Boogie `n Jive (Audio CD)

Audio CD Cover: Big Band Boogie `n Jive

Big Band Boogie `n Jive

Rockin´ Dave Taylor

Veröffentlichungsdatum: 05.10.2004

Typ: Audio CD

Anzahl Tonträger: 1

Anzahl Songs: 20

Gesamtspieldauer: 01:07:43

Label: Midnight Rock

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1. Big 'n' Bouncy
2. Can't Stand Those People
3. Mind Your Own Business
4. Cryin' Over You
5. Won't You
6. Poundin' the Tracks
7. I've Lost Her This Time
8. Boogie Woogie
9. Blast Off!
10. Do You Remember
11. Rock Me
12. Don't Say Goodbye At the Station
13. I'm Goin' to Heaven
14. She's My Baby
15. Now That I've Found You
16. Looking After Number 1
17. Millenium Rock
18. Mr Rock!
19. Rock Me (Alternate Version) (Bonus Track)
20. The Girl in Beaver Jeans (Bonus Track)