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Walk The Bridge (Audio CD)

Audio CD Cover: Walk The Bridge

Walk The Bridge

Mojo Blues Band, Erik Trauner, Siggi Fassl, Charlie Furthner, Didi Mattersberger, Herfried Knapp

Veröffentlichungsdatum: 04.10.2013

Typ: Audio CD

Anzahl Tonträger: 2

Anzahl Songs: 30

Label: Styx Records

Bestellnummer: CD Styx 1060

Gastmusiker: Paul Chuey, Lilli Kern, Martina Kucera, Petra Toyfl

1. Wild, wild woman
2. She's a hot Mamacita
3. FB Blues (Facebook Blues)
4. The Crawl
5. Give me a J-45
6. Walk the bridge
7. I'm coming home
8. Paul's shuffle
9. Your funeral and my trial
10. Alimony, alimony
11. You must be travelling on
12. I'll see it through
13. I ain't funny that way
14. I wish I could
15. Waddlin' duck

1. My heart goes diddely bum
2. The Blues is all i wanna sing
3. You turned my world around
4. Black train
5. I feel like going home
6. Movin out of town
7. She's a hot mamacita (alt. take)
8. I'm New Orleans bound
9. High blood presure Boogie
10. Please, stay as long as you can
11. Whale of a time
12. Siggi's lap steel Blues
13. Blue guitar stomp
14. Put yourself in my place
15. Walk the bridge (radio edit)