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100 % Approved (Audio CD)

Audio CD Cover: 100 % Approved

100 % Approved

Mojo Blues Band, Erik Trauner, Siggi Fassl, Charlie Furthner, Didi Mattersberger, Herfried Knapp

Veröffentlichungsdatum: 09.11.2017

Typ: Audio CD

Anzahl Tonträger: 2

Anzahl Songs: 32

Gesamtspieldauer: 02:26:48

Label: Styx Records

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Doppel-CD der Mojo Blues Band aus November 2017 mit musikalischer Unterstützung durch Petra Toyfl, Gisele Jackson, John Primer. Aufgenommen vor Live-Publikum.

Trackliste - Disk 1:

  1. Check It Out, Baby

  2. Blow Wind, Blow Wind

  3. Sick and Tired

  4. Long Distance Call

  5. Dust My Broom

  6. Flat Foot Sam

  7. One More Mile to Go

  8. Further on up the Road (feat. Gisele Jackson)

  9. Should I Ever Love Again (feat. Gisele Jackson)

  10. My Country Man (feat. Gisele Jackson)

  11. Promised Land

  12. I Want to Hug You

  13. The Things That I Used to Do

  14. You Got to Pay the Price (feat. John Primer)

  15. Sloppy Drunk

  16. I´m Not That Easy

Trackliste - Disk 2:
  1. Reconsider, Baby

  2. Call Me John Primer (feat. John Primer)

  3. As Long as I´m Movin´ (feat. Petra Toyfl)

  4. Nothing in Ramblin´ (feat. Petra Toyfl)

  5. The Pick Up (feat. Gisele Jackson)

  6. Trouble in Mind (feat. Gisele Jackson)

  7. Papa Wants to Knock a Jug

  8. Strange Rumors

  9. Your Next Lover

  10. Black Nights

  11. Talk to Your Daughter

  12. Gold Tailed Bird

  13. Cold Women with Warm Hearts

  14. Bring Me Flowers / Hell on Earth

  15. Black Train

  16. Tattle Tale