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From New Orleans to Chicago (Audio CD)

Audio CD Cover: From New Orleans to Chicago

From New Orleans to Chicago

Champion Jack Dupree

Veröffentlichungsdatum: 28.10.2004

Typ: Audio CD

Anzahl Tonträger: 2

Anzahl Songs: 30

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CD 1:

1. Third degree
2. T.V. mama
3. He knows the rules
4. Ain't it a shame
5. Ooh la-la
6. (Going down to) Big leg Emma's
7. Won't be a fool no more
8. Take it slow and easy
9. She's all in my life
10. Poor poor me
11. Pigfoot and a bottle of beer
12. Down the valley
13. Too early in the morning
14. Shim-sham-shimmy

CD 2:

1. Barrelhouse woman
2. Louise
3. One dirty woman
4. When things go wrong
5. Cut down on my overheads
6. Troubles
7. Tee-nah-nah
8. Caldonia
9. Under your hood
10. Come back baby
11. Baby let me lay it on you
12. Garbage man
13. I feel like a millionaire
14. Right now
15. Geogiana
16. Shake, baby, shake